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Hi there, IHX creator!

First let me thank you in advance for matching up with my tiny (but maybe hopefully growing, again in terms of tennis) fandoms and for joining IHX! I'm really excited for this exchange this time around so, let me get to my requests for you.

Before the actual requests though, this goes for all of them:
- AU or Canon, I'm not really picky, so do what your heart desires <3 But if you go for AUs, I love anything magic-related, sci-fi(SPAAAAACE), fantasy, and any of the above mixed in with modern times <3 Also dating-but-not-realizing-it AU or FAKE DATING AU are very close to my heart. School AUs and Office AUs are great too!
- Rating wise, same thing. I'm cool with anything G or E, which ever you are most comfortable with.
- As for warning/content...the only things I do not like are character death, non-con, and like...anything super medical or dental-related really. I'm okay with gore and (LOUD LAUGHTER) cannibalism and injuries, but once medical tools get involved, I Not for me. Fighting, blood, a loss of a tooth or something is fine, but, yeah, it's the tools that get to me. THAT SAID, I am all for fluff and soft things too, so I hope this didn't scare you too much.

Now to the actual requests!

Cheer Danshi!!/Cheer Boys!! )

Prince of Tennis )

Prince of Stride )

OKAY, SO. That was a lot and I apologize, but I hope that this helps!! Thank you once again, gifter <3!
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First, I want to say thank you in advance for anything you create for this exchange, you're already awesome. Seriously.

Next, MY PROMPTS. I hope that my extra explanations will make sense and make them clearer prompts for you. ALSO!!! This goes for all the prompts, rating-wise, I honestly don't care about that. Please write or draw whatever rating you feel the most comfortable with, that's why I checked off on all of them :)

Prompt #1, Aoyagi Hajime/Teshima Junta
Aoyagi's worked in Tadokoro's bakery for two years and has never met anyone quite like the owner of the new hipster/modern tea house that opened next door. Bring on the tea jokes, friends.

Okay so I literally love coffee shop or bakery AUs but seeing as this is T2, tea just fits so much better, lol. If you're more comfortable writing Teshima in a coffee shop though, please feel free!

I just have so so so much love for this pairing, it's ridiculous. They fit so well together but I think that the way they just happened to meet and become friends/partners(cough) in canon is one of my favorite things. Honestly, just anything T2 is my favorite thing but the way they connected so quickly and then worked together and trusted each other...I know that doesn't quite match up with this AU exactly, but if you write it where they just feel an immediate connection, something where they don't know why, but they want to see the other more just to fulfill that curiosity at first, that would be more than perfect. Any rating is fine, but if you could add like...hand holding or like...idk, something like Aoyagi is really distracted by Teshima's ponytail, you would get an amazing amount of bonus love points from me.

Manga spoilers?? for pairing
Prompt #2, Arakita Yasutomo/Kuroda Yukinari
Kuroda has the biggest puppy/senpai crush on Arakita and it's literally my favorite thing. So just...something cute or fluffy where Arakita actually realizes Kuroda's feelings and that mayyyybe his elite kouhai isn't too bad to be around after all or maybe Kuroda decides to follow Arakita to Yonan and they get to race WITH each other finally and that brings out some surprising feelings...Just help support the KuroAra tag, dear friends

IF THERE IS A CURRENT PAIRING AFTER T2 THAT MAKES ME BURN, IT IS THIS. I. Am. So. Weak to kouhai/senpai relationships and this one is THE BEST because oh my god, Kuroda HATED Arakita at first because of the way they met but THE COMPLETE 180 he made once he learned more about Arakita and all the respect he gained for Arakita...and THE FACT THAT HE WON'T STOP TALKING ABOUT ARAKITA AND HOW HE WANTS TO MAKE HIM PROUD. Let me lay here and cry.

There's also the part in the Hakone Friendship race where Arakita is like 'I'M NOT GOING TO PRAISE YOU' but it's obvious that he's proud of how Kuroda has grown and just PLEASE GIFTER, THEY ARE SO GREAT. KURODA IS SUCH A PUPPY AND JUST WANTS HIS SENPAI TO NOTICE HIM BUT ARAKITA IS A TSUN SO...CRIES. LOVE THEM LIKE ME.

Prompt #3, Manami Sangaku/Onoda Sakamichi
Guardian angel AU, please....but with Onoda as the guardian angel who's confused about why his charge, Manami, is constantly flirting with death. Eventually, one situation pushes Onoda to a last resort and he gives up (or maybe just gives?) his wings for Manami.

Okay, so I'm all for fluffy SanSaka because I feel like there is soooooo so much angst?? which, YEAH OKAY, this prompt is a little angsty, cries. they just...okay they are fluffy but they also have that HEARTBREAKING angst feel that comes with them being rivals and because of what happened at Interhigh. They aren't TouMaki, afterall. They aren't perfect BUT THAT IS OKAY. They are them and awkward and that's what makes SanSaka great.

TO THIS PROMPT THOUGH, I would love if like...neither of them actually died ;__; like Manami can be injured, that's fine, but no death asdkjhdslkjfh As for Onoda, kind of the same?? I know he's an angel but you could have him give up his wings and "fall"/be forced to be a human or just..idk...something else that doesn't have him disappearing from Manami's life as if he died. I know that it's asking a lot from a prompt like this, but if you feel up to it, gifter, than all the more power to you <3

Prompt #4, Fukutomi Juichi/Shinkai Hayato
I would prefer canon for this (but full AU is okay too!) because I think that a lot of people overlook Shinkai and Fukutomi's relationship. They've been riding together since middle school and Fukutomi's seen Shinkai at his top and bottom...and the same goes for Shinkai toward Fukutomi. It's a very subtle relationship, but I think that if they were roommates (since we don't exactly know), that the even closer space and contact might be the last piece in the puzzle of their relationship.

Okay uhhh outside of the actual prompt, there's not much I can say?? I mean THEY ARE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS. THEY'VE GONE TO SCHOOL TOGETHER AND RODE TOGETHER FOR HOW LONG??? Why isn't there more fic, seriously. I mean, JUST LOOK AT DAY 2 OF THE INTERHIGH AND SHINKAI PULLING FOR FUKUTOMI...and the friendship race, their convo...THE WAY THAT SHINKAI LOOKS AT FUKUTOMI...Seriously, how isn't this ship real

Prompt #5, Arakita Yasutomo/Shinkai Hayato, Arakita Yasutomo/Toudou Jinpachi, Arakita Yasutomo/Shinkai Hayato/Toudou Jinpachi
Pushing for the OT3, to be honest, BUT if you're more comfortable with one of the pairs, that's fine too. What I really want is just the relationship and interactions of these three. They're so close and hilarious together with Shinkai in the middle of Arakita and Toudou that I would take something like...a weekend of them staying at the Toudou Inn or spending a Saturday shopping for a birthday gift for Fukutomi together or they're office workers who all sit next to each other, just the three of them together is what I would love

THESE THREE....these three. Alright so I have an undying love for the four third years of Hakogaku, but this trio stick in my heart the most (sorry, Fuku-chan). They are just so hilarious and create the most interesting balance together? AraTou is all about push and pull and bickering, but add Shinkai and it's just...balanced? Um...I guess this is harder to describe than I thought, but like I said in the prompt, if you feel more comfortable with a pair than the OT3, just them all being friends together is fine. I love them being together and talking, their banter to me is always the best.

Manga spoilers?? for pairing
Prompt #6, Izumida Touichirou/Shinkai Yuuto
SO. Basically, I want some younger brother angst. Yuuto knew that going to the same school that his older brother just graduated from would cause him some problems but he never expected most of them to come from his new captain and the guy that was...or still is in love with his older brother. Yuuto also never expected to develop his own crush on the person that only saw the last name 'Shinkai' and never 'Yuuto'.

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT so outside of this prompt, I'm going to say that this isn't exactly canon, but more of a pairing me and a friend have talked a loooot about because of the way that Yuuto and Izumida talked before the start of the current IH. It's no secret about how Izumida felt about Hayato, but the question remains did Izumida know about Yuuto before he came to Hakogaku? Did he know that Yuuto was climber? And if he didn't...was he disappointed?? There's a lot of mystery with these two, but that just leaves lots of wiggle room >:)

I'm just really in love with the headcanon that Yuuto's annoyed by Izumida at first just because he expects a lot from the Shinkai name and that annoyance turns into a craving for attention and then unexpected feelings. It's very bittersweet but also very very very cute ;;

OKAY so that is what I currently have for these prompts, gifter!! If you need anything else fleshed out more or whatnot, I can try to go into even more detail for you <3

Thank you so so much in advance again, you're truly wonderful already, gifter :)
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